Approval Valid up to January 06th, 2016
The site is work only on Internet Explorer (IE Browser), Pop up blocker option always Disable

General Guideline for the user.

Dear Student
Please be advised as follows regarding your Online Training through https://www.aiicbonline.com

  • The website is work only on Internet Explorer Browser.
  • Please enable active X plugins before login, failing which the user will not be able to login. For manual to enable active X plugging Click here
  • Always keep Pop up blocker option Disable.
  • Your Login ID and Password are as conveyed to you by SMS on  your mobile number.  (When we register you for online training, we take your Mobile No. and Email ID from IRDA portal ).
  • Please enter login id and password and captcha in the marked places on our site www.aiicbonline.com.
  • During the Training, whenever you Log Off or end your learning session, you will obtain a new password, on your Mobile Phone via SMS.  For subsequent log-offs, the password will be communicated through SMS only. During the Training, whenever you Log Off or end your learning session, your password will change. For getting a fresh password to login and start training again, please click on https://www.aiicbonline.com/requestpassword.asp.
  • After you have got the password, you can proceed with your learning session by typing User ID, Password and captcha at the appropriate spaces and then clicking on the ‘Submit’ button or pressing the Enter key. The password so communicated to you, shall automatically expire when you are logged off the learning session.
  • Learning Session  Any single study session shall be restricted to a maximum of four hours. However, the total website usage time on a single day is limited to 8 hours.
  • During your learning sessions, you, at random intervals, may have to respond to certain ID-check  Captcha a combination of letters and digits. In case you fail to do it correctly, your session will automatically terminate.
  • Log in by the same user ID simultaneous on different machines is not permissible.
  • Validity of your Login ID will be as given below (from the time you first login) :-
    • Pre-licensing :: 50 hours or 14 days whichever happens earlier ·
    • Pre-licensing with professional qualification :: 25 hrs or 7 days whichever happens earlier ·
    • License Renewal Course :: 25 hours or 8 days whichever happens earlier

Imp.-It is recommended that the First Login must take place before expiry of 14 days from the date of your registration for training by AISECT; otherwise you will have to ask for re-registration for training with us.

  • The Training details are updated in IRDA portal  when (a) you are allocated for training and (b) when the training is complete. However Before going for the examination, Candidate / sponsoring Insurer should check the status of updation of TRAINING COMPLETION DETAILS on IRDA PORTAL; or carry the valid Hall Ticket from IRDA Portal.
  • In respect of pre-licensing course, there has been provided a revision test at end of each chapter. User has to attempt the test before proceeding to the next chapter. The time spent on chapter tests is not added to the account of mandatory hours.
  • There is a provision for automatic log off if the user doesn't brows continuously for 10 minutes.